To all the other ‘very trying’ parents…


Dear all the other ‘really trying parents’,

You are not alone. I am also one of those parents who has ideas of perfect days, perfect DIY jobs, perfect everything but somehow it never bloody turns out that way!

Me and The Husband spend our lives trying to make the boys childhood amazing for them. To have amazing memories…however things don’t always turn out that way. We plan days out to theme parks – everyone is excited to go…The Husband is that excited he has to have a few too many drinks the night before so he is actually hung over the day at the theme park….that’s punishment enough! Then the eldest goes and does something like breaks his elbow so we are hundreds of miles from home in another hospital with the poor sod screaming in pain and another child shitting themselves in the waiting room with us! May I add this is not the first time – last summer holidays we booked three theme parks to take the boys to…and on the morning or the day before each one…each child got chicken pox!

We plan camping trips however forgot that we live in England and that its bloody freezing at night and we have a child who shits his bed most nights and is sick! Well let’s just say we won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

We plan DIY jobs around the house…these are still now half done – it was a good idea at first then we realised we have opened a whole can of worms so we stop half way through.

I work very hard with Alfie at his school work but you would think I was actually murdering him instead of asking him to do a few sums or some story writing.

We always have the same end game when we plan things for the children and that is – they enjoy themselves and that we break them! We make them that tired they want to sleep for 12 hours solid…however children are not normal they hate sleep!

Next year we have booked a holiday abroad…it will be the first holiday with all three boys so I will let you know if we have any disasters.

Sometimes you have to just roll with it and what can I say we have some stories to tell…. I just want other parents to know you are not alone…it happens to us all and what can we do….well let’s just keep trying I guess.


2 thoughts on “To all the other ‘very trying’ parents…

  1. Susie says:

    Let me start by saying you’re an amazing mother and you couldn’t have said it better. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I always seem to have bumps in the road too ,but the way I look at it is, that what gives them all a little bit of character and in the end the love that mothers have for their sons and the love that sons have for their mothers. There’s no other love like it and it’s Unbreakable.

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